Cobalt is a private manufacturer of aircraft launching of the first two models of today. Fully certified Co50 Valkyrie and his experimental version, Valkyrie-X, is available for pre-order starting today.

Valkyrie super sleek and built for speed. This is the fastest in its class (single reciprocating engines), with the ability to travel up to 260 nodes, in contrast to the typical 242 knots. It’s also safer than most private aircraft, in accordance with the Cobalt.

craft duck style, equipped with a front wing to prevent the aircraft from stalling air, and comes with a five-seat, single piston engine on the server for a smooth, more secure takeoffs and landings with.

Classic fighter inspired design with “clean lines and premium finish,” Valkyrie, and comes in a range of custom colors, including dark colors, like deep black, as shown above.

The interior of the craft sports premium leather seating, handmade from the former master Hermes and simple on / off switch dashboard design, complete with space for your IPAD. There is also ample storage for typical rich man-with-a-private-jet activities (golf bags, skis, bags of gold bullion in them).

You will also notice a large Plexiglas cylinder. Valkyrie offers spectacular views of 320-degree with what TechCrunch says Cobalt is the largest one-piece dome in the world.


Additional features include:

  • turbocharged 350 hp, retractable, IFR-capable

  • not oxidized under pressure

  • Speed ​​Range: 1050 nautical miles (NMI) with NBAA IFR reserves

  • Setting: The interior and exterior is fully customizable at the request of

  • The exact dimensions: 30 feet long x 30 feet wide x 10 feet high

The main difference between Co50 and X, in addition to certification of Co50, is the price. Valkyrie-X does not start with $ 595,000, no money down, and the estimated production for six months, and Co50 Valkyrie will start at $ 699,000, with a deposit of $ 15,000. Cobalt Co50 tells us to be ready by the summer of 2017

TechCrunch managed to get an exclusive first type of craft and chat with the CEO Cobalt David Loury about it. Check the video to see it in action and learn more.