Tea is a delicate process that only true enthusiasts worldwide appreciate. The time-honored tradition of searching for the right ingredients, taking care to consider the age of the leaves, the season of the year and the water temperature, and then waits for its cool just the right amount of time it takes knowledge and patience, and, according to Han, the majority of us are doing it all wrong.

Teforia personal tea machine for those who really value their free sheet brewing experience. It works with any mixture of tea leaves to pull out that in his opinion, the best taste in more than 200 chemical compounds that make up each type of tea.

Teforia knows what type of tea you are brewing and how to brew it as a tea master in your house

-. Allen Han, Teforia

In contrast to the commercially available tea teaBOT, tea blending robot backed by Y Combinator, and intended to be placed in the coffee shops, the device Teforia made for tea at home. Comparisons can be made that tea proposals Keurig, but founder Allen Hahn advises that equation.

“Keurig fine, but it does not put any attention in the process of crafting, or how to set up brewing, depending on the type of tea,” said to me, Han, as we sipped a little green Matcha made from its demo machine in the studio TechCrunch recently. “ Teforia knows what type of tea you are brewing and how to brew it as a tea master in your house.”

Khan, tea devotee himself, founded the company after a trip to Asia that “changed his life” three years ago. “I was lucky in my childhood,” Khan, who grew up in Taiwan, said the experience. “The majority of tea drinkers do not know what they are missing, so I wanted to create a way to perfect the process of making tea, and in honor of his traditions.”

The easiest way to heat a pot of tea and pour boiling water bag Celestial Seasonings. However, Teforia for those who want the convenience of a quick boil, peel infused with tradition and full of flavor tea.

Han also holds robots chops to build such a machine. It is designed as the Xbox 360 and the Kindle Fire, before it themselves. Teforia provides the same sleek, simple shapes Khan worked in his latest creations and has a built-in SIP (selective infusion process) technology to automatically determine the best method for each class brewing sheet.

Teforia app_Personal tea journal It works by selecting a handful of loose tea and slam it into the infusion chamber, filling in the necessary amount of water for a cup, and then clicking on the satellite Teforia IOS or Android app to get the process going.

All it takes about 4 minutes (much less than conventional soaking) in order to get what Teforia hopes will be one of the best cup of tea you’ve ever had.

But the cup will cost you. Teforia currently on pre-order for $ 649 – more than a Keurig, which also makes the coffee, and, of course, more expensive than the average tea. The car will go even higher after the launch in 1299 at $ MSRP.

is the perfect cup is worth paying that much for? I had the opportunity to talk to Khan and enjoy a cup of green tea itself this week. I can verify that it was much better, fresh tea, than what I get out of my own kettle. You can watch the interview at the top of this page.