2016 is set to a great year for the multicultural broadcaster SBS. Hot on the back of the launch its own dedicated channel power broadcaster today confirmed that it will launch the new Apple TV application in 2016

Not only that, but there will also be new support Chromecast for SBS On Demand accompany the brand new Apple TV application that It allows all users to get the full experience of SBS on a large screen.

This development will mean that the SBS continues to expand its position as a leading digital broadcasting with On Demand services are available for 25 different platforms.

At this stage, there is no word on whether the new Apple TV, the app includes a deep integration of Siri, allowing users to find content to watch SBS using the universal search function platform.

Room IView

While SBS sights on the 2016 launch window to catch up with the platform, the ABC has been reported, a little closer to the release.

According to an article in Mediaweek discussed yesterday to increase the quality of streaming service (although not by the standards of HD), the aunt also confirmed it is working on the application IVIEW Apple TV, but declined to discuss the launch window.

However, ABC and SBS presenter Marc Fennell stated on Twitter, that the national broadcaster will launch “before Xmas for Apple TV”.

We have asked the ABC to confirm his plans for the Apple TV, and will update when we hear more.