Santa may have to check eBay Craigslist and you Samsung VR mechanismentry Samsung, virtual reality in the consumer, the consumer edition gear VR, it seems pretty hot item for the holidays. We reported that both Amazon and Best Buy to show that the item is in stock, sending people to the website of Samsung, to order one. You still can order one from Samsung, but you might not get it before 12/25, the site says. The good news is that free shipping was not extended to 12/31.

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In other news, VR gear just became available in the UK and is already showing as sold, so I’m sure there will be something to do with the total supply.

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YA poprosil Samsung o sprosa i predlozheniya i ne poluchili pryamoy otvet, no yesli vy oderzhimy o poluchenii kogo-to osobennogo (sebya, mozhet byt’?) Zubchatogo VR, vy, vozmozhno, pridetsya prinyat’ do eBay i Craigslist, chtoby poymat’ odnu vo vremeni. Tseny nachinaya ot $ 150 do $ 250, dazhe nesmotrya na to virtual’naya real’nost’ aksessuar stoit $ 99.
I asked Samsung’s supply and demand and not get a straight answer, but if you are obsessed about getting someone special (yourself, perhaps?) Toothed VR, you may have to take to eBay and Craigslist, to catch one in time. Prices start from $ 150 to $250, even though the virtual reality accessory costs $ 99.

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As far as the adoption of the developers tell me that load of exciting them, and Oculus store received a good selection of new games and experiences, starting with the consumer launch programs VR. Good news for all those involved, and even better news for most Oculus, as it prepares to push its own consumer version early next year, in the Rift.

People familiar with the product launch told me that interest in VR gear surpassed their expectations, but the Samsung is clearly geared up to push it hard … pushing out pretty well done commercials during prime time on the weekends. In general, the renewed interest in virtual reality is not something anyone would complain.