Scammers are cashing in on the reputation of AMD’s new Ryzen processors, with stories of faux CPUs being marketed on Amazon.

There’s practically nothing new listed here in real fact – there is been a lengthy and unfortunate record of promoting low-cost processors in the packaging of a lot more expensive versions – and in this situation, as Computer Gamer stories, there have been a number of incidents exactly where buyers have ordered a Ryzen seven 1700 CPU on Amazon and have obtained an Intel Celeron chip alternatively.

The faux Intel CPU will come in AMD’s correct packaging and has the Ryzen brand on it, but a closer inspection of the solution reveals that brand is just a sticker. There are other obvious clues that this is a faux, including the fact that there are no pins on the bottom of the chip, and the erroneous heatsink is bundled with the processor, furthermore the package deal the chip arrived in has naturally been tampered with.

These kinds of fakes – which have also been claimed somewhere else on the net – might have been procured from 3rd-get together sellers on Amazon Marketplace, or might have been purchased directly from Amazon alone. Not that the retail giant is trying to rip-off folks, of system, but it’s promoting products which have been returned (and the first customer has switched the processor for an previous cheapo design in advance of returning it).

Nothing is all that obvious listed here, and at this position, it seems probable that equally the earlier mentioned options could be the situation.

Major-time operation?

There’s even dialogue on Reddit of this being some variety of large-scale fraud operation, whilst it’s too early to draw any conclusions like that in our belief.

At any rate, in the situation of that individual Reddit thread, Amazon speedily sorted issues, implementing a full refund and giving the customer a reward card as well, by all accounts.

So, if you are shopping for a Ryzen processor on Amazon – or in truth from a 3rd-get together vendor on one more web site this kind of as eBay – this is an issue plainly really worth bearing in head.

Of system, when making use of a 3rd-get together vendor, it’s really worth selecting a single with a large amount of positive suggestions (whilst as talked about, these counterfeit processors can probably arrive immediate from Amazon – as resold returns – as well).

This kind of rip-off has been pulled off with graphics cards in the earlier, as well, and in considerably a lot more complex forms with CPUs. In this situation, at least the fakes are crude and quickly noticed, furthermore of system the counterfeit chip will not even in good shape in a Ryzen socket on the motherboard.

Best Picture Credit: sh00ter999 (Reddit)

  • With any luck , any fakes will be record by the time Black Friday rolls around