Information and facts bordering Sony’s as-however-unconfirmed ‘Slim’ PS4 proceeds to roll in, with the most current rumour revealing that the upcoming console will be acquiring a significant enhance to its Wi-Fi features.

In accordance to PS4Daily, which posted a leaked scan of what is reported to be the console’s manual, the updated PS4 will guidance the two 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless frequencies, making it possible for the console to theoretically acquire more robust and quicker wireless alerts in the fewer-congested 5GHz band. By comparison, the latest PS4 console only supports 2.4GHz frequencies.

The leaked manual states that “this product has been created to minimise the outcome of other devices making use of the same vary,” however, it proceeds to point out that “in some instances interference from other devices could lower the link pace, shorten the sign vary or cause the link to be terminated unexpectedly.”

Though the extra connectivity need to make for a superior Distant Participate in knowledge, it need to also be observed that the 5GHz frequency is much more most likely to be blocked by thick partitions than a 2.4GHz sign. The leaked manual suggests that users “only use 5GHz band wireless equipment indoors,” which need to seriously disappoint all these people today that play their games in the back again property…

If your household layout won’t let for a clear 5GHz connections, never worry – the updated PS4 is a dual-band device, so you can nevertheless fall back again to making use of the 2.4GHz band in these circumstances.

  • That ‘slim’ PS4 is also obtaining a redesigned controller, according to new video clip