It may be difficult to keep up with all the different passwords for your account. If you have forgotten the administrator password for OpenCart, you can reset the password in the database. You must use phpMyAdmin in cPanel to change the password to an administrator account. Since you reset the password to something that is more likely to be “password,” make sure that it is important to change it to something more secure once you log in to the OpenCart management dashboard.

  1. Log in to cPanel and click phpMyAdmin
  2. Open the database used by the OpenCart store
  3. Locate the Users table
  4. Edit the user with the user name “admin” and change the password field to 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99. This string or hash value changes the password to “password” (without the quotation marks)
  5. Click “Go”

  6. Now, try logging in to the OpenCart dashboard with the new password