NASA has released a new image of Pluto, this time showing a crescent moon of the dwarf planet in the stunning new photos sent back from the illuminated New Horizons.

NASA says the image was taken just 15 minutes after closest approach New Horizons “Pluto on July 14, at the beginning of this year,” looked like a spaceship to Pluto to the sun. “

This is a significant addition to the image that the space agency released in September, showing that Pluto looks at sunset.

The image shows the atmosphere of the dwarf planet that” points more than layers of a dozen high-altitude haze in the rarefied atmosphere of Pluto, “according to NASA.

ice moon Planun plateau can be seen in the bright, sunlit side of the planet in the image, while the image also profiles some of the rough terrain of the planet, including mountains, that rise to 11,000 feet.

New Horizons took an image that has a resolution of 700 meters, at a distance of 11,000 miles from Pluto.

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Image credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI