With an extremely significant nationwide election coming up, it is additional critical than at any time that everyone who can vote does — and is able to. Election tech firm Absolutely free and Truthful is hoping to enable prevent overflowing voting spots with a easy, open up supply product that instantly screens waiting around periods and keeps voters and officials knowledgeable.

Absolutely free and Truthful generates open up supply software package for polling areas, from checking in voters to truly taking and tallying votes — but Qubie is the company’s very first original components, designed for the Hackaday Prize. Founder Daniel Zimmerman defined that it was just another element of the voting system that struck them as out of day.

“In the past couple of elections there have been experiences of extended queue periods, individuals giving up and likely dwelling,” he advised TechCrunch. “Election technological know-how is in a rather sorry condition — we believed it’d be nice to obtain details on that alternatively than anecdotes.”

Some tracking is currently carried out, of program, but it is usually haphazard. In the course of a main election, voting officials and volunteers are hectic ample, and averaging the hold out periods of numerous individuals every hour (applying counters or paper quantities) just isn’t a superior precedence.


Qubie is a easy product: a Raspberry Pi with a smaller wi-fi adapter, and powered around USB or with a battery. It identifies telephones from Wi-Fi indicators, then screens the time used by the product with in range of the Qubie — boom, you have bought a excellent concept of the typical time it takes another person to vote at that site.

In a natural way not everyone will be keen on the concept that their phone is remaining tracked — which is why no personal details is gathered or stored.

“The pretty very first detail we do is we anonymize,” claimed Zimmerman. “We get the Wi-Fi signal, we operate it by an encryption system. We’re not storing any individually identifiable details.”

To be certain, the Qubie detects the MAC handle of a product and immediately hashes it with an ephemeral critical generated on startup. These hashed IDs are what get tracked by the software package, together with Wi-Fi channel and signal strength.

When you consider about it, officials will be crafting down every voter who arrives by, and of program voting is in a way a general public act — so what Qubie is amassing is rather tame. All the similar, Absolutely free and Truthful has made sheets to display alongside the product that explain what it does and how to ask for additional details.


For now, as Qubie is even now pretty significantly a function in development, the details is all stored regionally and then can be gathered afterwards — of program, that does not get true-time benefits. How specifically to do that without overstepping is portion of what the business is figuring out now. It could do the processing on board and have that details available to officials, or deliver it to a central cloud for reside updates in applications or a site — there’s time to figure that out, and some spots will certainly want 1 approach around another.

A check deployment of ten Qubies labored high-quality, developing details that agreed with ground fact, and Absolutely free and Truthful is hoping to get the equipment into additional hands, possibly in time for use in the course of the nationwide election in November.

The business also aims to make a custom made enclosure so the detail does not search like an IED.

“If you observed that detail sitting down out in a random general public position, you’d almost certainly be involved,” Zimmerman claimed, and not in jest. People today are rather highly strung on election days.

The product and its software package are open up supply, so you can develop your individual, nevertheless guerilla deployment does not seem to be advisable. Even now, if a gadget like Qubie can make the voting system even a minor much easier or additional accountable, it is really worth pursuing. Inquire your neighborhood officials no matter whether something like this could be useful.

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