If you’re receiving rid of an aged drive – by either advertising it (or supplying it away) to any person else, or recycling it – then you’re with any luck , knowledgeable that you need to have to securely destroy all the information on that drive. What you may well not be knowledgeable of are some important differences among undertaking this with a tricky disk and an SSD.

As Backblaze discussed in a the latest website publish, there are actual physical methods of destroying a tricky disk which simply just really don’t do the job with a strong-point out drive. Putting an HDD following to a big magnet will pretty much certainly wipe it, but it won’t have any influence on an SSD.

Equally, drilling numerous holes in a tricky drive to shatter the platters inside of may well do the job high-quality to destroy that gadget, but it won’t do in the circumstance of an SSD – because the latter is a collection of memory chips, and the holes you make might only destroy some of those chips, leaving information however readable on other folks.

So, you may well think: simply just erase all the information securely by formatting and rewriting garbage information about the whole drive (to be certain that all data files are truly deleted, not just marked as deleted but however there).

All over again, that technique certainly functions for a tricky disk, but Backblaze observes that it’s not as efficient with an SSD – noting that Apple has even eradicated the ‘secure erase’ option for SSDs from the Mac’s Disk Utility, because it’s no longer needed.

Encryption then erasure

The finest technique to destroy your information in advance of parting with your strong-point out drive, Backblaze argues, is to encrypt it. In other text, use FileVault for your Mac or BitLocker on Home windows to thoroughly encrypt the drive, and then format it.

This suggests even if a snooper can achieve obtain to the information, with no the encryption critical it’s however going to be useless.

Those people who are actually paranoid can even do this system 2 times for further stability – i.e. encrypt the drive, format it, re-encrypt the drive, then format the SSD as soon as again.

There finishes today’s lesson in protected SSD disposal…

By the way, if you’re obtaining relatively than advertising an SSD, it may well be a fantastic thought to shift fairly swiftly presented that all the the latest information has been about rising rates and flash chip shortages.

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