PrestaShop 1.6.x. How to overcome “500 Internal Server Error” when regenerating images In most cases , the problem is related to the hosting server PHP configuration , and there is not enough value memory_limit and max_execution_time only cause . We recommend that you contact for help hosting service providers. Alternatively, you can try partially regenerated image : Log in to your admin panel . Navigate to Preferences – > Image :

  1. prestashop_1.6._500_error_while_regenerating_images1
  1. Scroll down to Regenerate thumbnails section.
  2. Choose the image from Select an image dropdown (for example Products), the image format from Select a format dropdown and set Erase previous images option to No.
  3. Click Regenerate thumbnails button, confirm regenerating and wait until the regeneration is completed:


  4. If you see The thumbnails were successfully regenerated message, that means the images were regenerated correctly:


Repeat the same process for all other types of images one after another . This is the end of the tutorial . Now that you know how to regenerate the image , to deal with ” 500 Internal Server Error” (time-out ) . Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below : In Prestashop overcome the ” 500 Internal Server Error” How reproduced image on 1.6.x