During stints in Postmates, Twitter, YouTube and Google, Sara Mauskopf touched on many products that you use on a daily basis. With this knowledge, had just left her recent post on Postmates * , we now know that Mauskopf to the next.

This is called “Winnie” and there is not much more we know about other than it will be a service for parents and those who take care of children.

The site itself is taking registrations and sports the slogan:

Go to the big world with young people.

and the promise of interesting, albeit somewhat vague, “Vinnie brings transformative technology of education. Join the list and get ready to do more together.”

Mauskopf a new mother, and it seems that her wealth of knowledge with consumer technologies, combined with the experience of her daughter gave her provided the inspiration for Winnie. Its co-founder, Anne Halsall, spent time in Postmates, Quora and Google as an engineer and designer IOS. Halsall also happens to be the mother of two children, which makes it a veteran of education, if you want.

The name itself, Winnie, immediately raises a good childhood memories Poohbear, but Mauskopf not budge on the vine title. Silicon Valley is growing quite a bit with a large number of people in tech marry and have children, so it is … I guess it makes some contribution from parents in recent Bay Area.

When I reached out to Mauskopf for more details she told me:

Education is a serious job and deserves a lot of technology. There is very little technique parents and educators today. We want to bring parents, babysitters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and powerful tools to navigate the world with the children in their lives.

There is a set of sites like Parenting.com that newsletters and forums for parents and guardians, but not really anything out there right now technique.

I is confirmed that Winnie does not Twitter for babies, so stay tuned.

* ( Disclosure: My significant other Performs communication Postmates which has nothing to do with this )