Have you ever had a carving job and if you could just bend the text around the photo, or could you draw a line along the lines you would look better?

Ok, it may be in a few simple steps in CorelDRAW! Please follow the instructions below to see how to master this technology.
Let’s start by creating a circle. Use the Ellipse tool (circled in green on the toolbar) and draw circles of any size for our example.

Next, select the text tool on the toolbar and align the cursor with the circle. Depending on the distance you place the cursor on the circle, you will see the shape of the cursor change. Each shape is shown below.

Cursor 1 is a standard text cursor that will generate text anywhere on the page.

Cursor 2 appears when the cursor is directly above the circle. A mouse click with this cursor will place the typed text on the circle’s page.

Cursor 3 appears when the cursor moves inside the circle and is a paragraph text tool. When you click the mouse when the cursor is displayed, the text will fit inside the circle.

Once your text is in place, you can use all of the standard tools available for editing text, as well as manipulating the fit text.
Use the Text tool to select only text and change the font, size, kern, or any other edits that you would normally make in text.

Selecting Circle and Text allows you to use the “Text to Path” menu tool. These give you better control over the position of the text around the curve.

Text Direction: Specifies how the text is bent along the path
Distance Path: Specify the distance between the text and the path
Offset: Moves the text closer to the end or start of the path by specifying a positive or negative value
Mirror Text: Flip text from left to right or from bottom to top
Scale Snap: Specifies the pitch increment for capturing text to the path

You can also adjust the position of the text along the curve by using the selection tool to select text. Click the red box that appears next to the text and drag it along the curve to where you want to place it.