Snapchat today began charging its users 99 cents to use some of its popular selfie filters that caused outrage.

filters, a relatively new feature are replaced on a fairly permanent basis. Until now, popular filters, Snapchat removed in favor of replacing them were not available. The company currently brings some back – at a cost of

Some users Snapchat were (as expected) in a rage, allowing the company to have him on Twitter :.

Snapchat takes, say, a different approach to Twitter from most other companies. Instead of ignoring the angry or apology, the company RetweetedRetweet them:

Sale selfie lens, of course, is a good way to Snapchat, to make money out of advertising, presenting an alternative source of income, which makes it a little easier for the company to justify its multibillion-dollar valuation. Snapchat also offers its users the ability to play back images on the cost as well.

According to The Verge, Snapchat will always keep about seven selfie filters free. It will offer 30 lenses for sale every day, as well.