Parrot on Tuesday unveiled its Bebop Drone 2, a smaller version of its popular consumer model, which has a 25-minute battery life – twice as much as its predecessor.

Bebop 2 will hit the sky for 14 December and retail for $ 550

As in the first Bebop roar, this model will be able to stream 1080p videos on your tablet, phone, or a virtual reality headset. Its 14-megapixel camera is pretty much the same as its predecessor, but it sports a new lens.

In the demo on Tuesday morning, Parrot CEO Henri Seydoux said the model can reach speeds of up to 36 kilometers per hour.

“The more you can reduce hum, the better the performance you can have,” Seydou told reporters.

Unlike other UAVs in the market, Parrot model can be raised indoors. The Metreon in San Francisco, Seydou demonstrated how easy it was to manage the device, its flight through the crowd of reporters. If any of the flexible six-inch propellers drones “hit something or someone, they immediately stop.

As in the first Bebop, the second iteration has 8 GB of internal flash memory.