Under the “first first mobile cloud” strategy director general Nadella, Microsoft is not afraid to get their hands dirty competing platforms Company revised its application Outlook, for IOS, which is available for free download on iPhone and IPad, with a clean interface and improved performance calendar. Changes are available immediately for users of IOS, but Android owners will have to wait until November.

The last major update Outlook’s happened in the last year, when Microsoft acquired Acompli $ 200 (£ 130, $ 282 AU) million rebranding of the company’s application, providing easy entry into the mobile space. Microsoft also acquired a calendar maker Sunrise undisclosed sum at the beginning of this year, reported that north of $ 100 (£ 65, $ 141 AU) million. Now, especially calendaring sunrise will appear in Outlook.

“All this means the forecast will eventually replace the current Sunrise application. We will leave Sunrise on the market until its features are fully integrated into Outlook, the exact time, which we will communicate in advance” said Javier Soltero, creator Acompli who joined the team of Outlook, as vice president.

new Sunrise in Outlook,

Annex Outlook has been updated with a clean user interface “that puts e-mail, calendar, people, and files are front and center,” said Mr. Soltero blog. This should help to make navigating around the application more intuitive. And with fewer clicks needed to complete the task, the result should help users save time.

Inside view of e-mail, for example, Outlook now defines the events and flags them so that you can quickly determine what the message contains the destination.

Outlook for iOS

On the side of the calendar button Today dynamically moves as you scroll through the list of events calendar. In the individual case, the details are presented in a clean fashion, and visitors have a green, red or gray button next to the name indicates, if they are accepted, rejected, or not yet responded to the invitation to the event.

“In the coming months you will see a rich calendar of experience come to Outlook, from the rising of the sun – including interesting calendars and connect to your favorite applications and services,” said Mr. Soltero

Microsoft . changes

In addition to integrating with third-party applications, Microsoft is working to email remain relevant in the world of instant messaging services, social media and communication.

Some of these changes include bringing love, borrowed from Facebook imentions borrowed from Twitter, email.

Microsoft also address data integration of Outlook, Cortana give his digital assistant more intelligent exploration. Cortana can scan your mailbox Outlook, on the surface of important messages and deliver a package tracking information and travel times for purchased tickets. With Microsoft Outlook, clicking on a variety of mobile platforms, including Windows ,, 10 Mobile, this intelligence will be more important to just smartphones Cortana becomes available firmware and Android.

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