Apple has released the latest update OS X El Capitan, with the result that a number of improvements for your Mac in addition to solving performance problems Wi-Fi, Apple, also made a correction to the handover, landing, Bluetooth, Mail, FaceTime, posts and other features consumers. OS X also includes 10.11.2 enterprise security and compatibility correction.

This is the second largest Apple, the update of its operating system El Capitan, which is so necessary stability of key functionality like Bluetooth and performance of Wi-Fi. The first update to Mac users, introduced new Emoji, and this update comes three weeks after Apple, has completed testing of the fourth beta OS X 10.11.2.

Update is a 1.39GB download and Apple, recommends the update for all users. Mac users can grab the update directly from the Mac Store from Apple.


There are several companies fixes, complete with the release of OS X 10.11.2. Firstly, NTLM authentication questions will be addressed in Safari. Second, Apple, resolved issues with the updates after reinstalling the certificate configuration profiles. Finally, a deferred software can be used with the team fdesetup to enable FileVault from mobile accounts.

Most users of Mac, will probably want to install the update for the wireless stability, an issue that plagued El Capitan since its release, Apple, addressed as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance, fixing problems with the trip. Apple also improve the reliability of handover and landing.

Apple also addressed a number of issues with OS X native applications and companies that make using your Mac more seamless for business. Apple, Fixed a problem with the mail that prevented deleting messages in Exchange is offline. In addition, problems with FaceTime and messages Log in also addressed with the update.

For users that manage their photo library with the application photos, ICloud Photo Sharing for live photos also improved. Apple has also fixed a bug with importing photos between iPhone and Mac via a wired connection USB.

Apple does not provide details for security in OS X 10.11.2.

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