After a fierce rendering book sellers in the world are out of date, Amazon is doing the unthinkable and opening a brick and mortar store his own.

Located in the University Village in Seattle, Amazon home town, 511 square meters, the store will offer only about 5,000 books, which is significantly less than the traditional bookstore.

The reason for the modest range of the store Amazon will display each book with its cover to the outside, not the spine. This means that it will be easier to determine what you want, but it is less likely that the store will have it in the first place.

Paper and leather

Kindle e-readers and tablets Fire also has in store, but the store will not offer clients the opportunity to pick up a book purchased at online shopping mall Amazon

It is unlikely that Amazon is looking to make a profit from the project. – Online retailers put a large book stores to the sword than – .., leaving the company for the digital world as little more than a gimmick and a vanity project

The store will open its doors at 9:30 am on November 3

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