Microsoft announced some new features for Office Online, including work on the integration of Skype and the new browser Chrome extension .

Management Internet is going to get fully integrate Skype’s voice and video chat, so whichever site you are running an application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote), you can speak directly to the contacts Skype.

As noted by Microsoft in his blog, it will help with a seamless cooperation with the documents and the like, as when you share files, you can quickly start a chat, to have a discussion on any issues, that arise.

Sure, instant messaging is also supported, and the text of your chat messages will stay in touch with the document in question, so when you work on it at a later date, you will be able to see that the previous story chat

Skype Integration Office Online will arrive in the near future -. Microsoft said in November – and it will come to the desktop version of Office at some point, and


Chrome capers

Microsoft also introduced a Chrome extension to Office Online, so that users can quickly open or create documents in the browser Google.

Number of small adjustments were also made by the Office Online, such as an updated navigation bar and improvements in Excel format online.

Redmond also said that he introduced a number of improvements to the Visual Basic Editor in the Office 2016 for Mac, and Office applications that Android has greatly simplified with the latest version of the software reducing the footprint of some 40%.

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