and Introduction to the Office 2016

A couple of years ago, when Microsoft suggested that the office users will see the new features in the cloud first, it seemed to refer to the server products such as Exchange and SharePoint. Those cloud services where Microsoft can make an ordinary cloud experiments to a new function of users and to see how well it works before it is widely available.

This is the same “air” process that occurs on Windows 10 – the first team of developers, the other members of Microsoft, and then volunteers to test the features before they are released

For Office 365 is the first release program, and increasingly it includes new features Office applications, as well. If you use Office 2013 with a subscription to Office 365, you will already have some features that are new to the other Office 2016 users is the ability to record what you do on your computer, and include that in PowerPoint Presentation (because It was added in PowerPoint 2013 as an upgrade).

If you are using a Web application Office Online, which are part of OneDrive and Office 365 subscription business, tell me, and features Smart Lookup in office in 2016 also appears to be quite familiar.

PowerPoint Online is the only one of the Office web apps with the Shapes and Smart Art editing tools

Before the office 2016

In fact, Office Online for the first time got the Tell Me interface to search for specific features in January 2014, in the what was then called the Web application Word, and in April 2014 he arrived for Excel. Tell Me works in the same way as in the office in 2016, as it does in Office Online – start typing what you want to do (which can be a common word such as “horizontal” rather than a technical term, as “orientation”) and you get a short menu of the corresponding function

Some of the tools faster in the online version -. typing ‘as the word’ gets you a reference to the Word Count dialog box in Word 2016 and Word, online, but the Word of the Internet also shows the number of fly-word itself.

It is not surprising that Tell Me appeared in Office Online-the first, and not just because the team office can experiment with features more easily in the cloud-based service, it is updated every few months anyway. The Office Online applications have fewer features than desktop applications Office (although they get more with each update), Tell Me the building so it would be easier for a smaller set of features.

Function Bing Insights (that smart search used to be called) is also apparent that the need to put in Web applications first (it was added in Word, online in December 2014), because you have to be online to search for information of words in the document first. As in 2016 programs of Office, Office Online uses the remainder of the document, to get more accurate results when you look at the words, and displays information from Wikipedia and other sources in the bar Insights on the side.

There are some features that run on the network, so the Word 2016 is not quite caught up with the word online. If you put an image containing text into a text document, you find that the text, when you search for a document. But if you save the document OneDrive, the text in the image will be recognized and indexed (though not immediately), and you will see it if you look for in a document Word, online.

Office freebies

What do you get for free Office Online for

List of Office Online application is the same as Office Home and Student line-up: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, as well as instead from Outlook, but it is clear that Web applications do not have all the features of Office 2016 equivalents include.

All major there, and some of the more advanced options too. In Word online, you do not just have the Find tool, you can also find and replace – and you can open it with the same Ctrl-H keys used in desktop Word. AutoCorrect will build the first word in a sentence or two to turn the hyphen in the dash.

Format Painter tool is, to copy formatting from one selection to the next. You can right-click to open the Office of the “mini-bar” command, set indents and line spacing for the paragraph or fields for the page headers use page headers and footnotes, insert a page break, change the document from portrait to landscape format, or teamwork on a document, either in real time or by comments.

The spacing and indent options for paragraphs are the same in Word Online but Word 2016 has more sophisticated page layout options

Missing function

There are many small features of Word 2016, you will not find in Word, an online tool like ribbons and buttons, that lets you change the word register or tools that insert the date or screenshot of any of your open windows in the document. Great opportunities that are not options for DTP-style: choice of the theme document by inserting text boxes, shapes and smart-Art, creating a table of contents and index, or printed letters and envelopes. Features of the merger is not there.

PowerPoint Internet began as a tool for the slide show, but it added a lot of editing functions. Now you can select, multi-select, move, resize, or delete objects – and you get the same Smart Guides, which will help you build them, or move them to slide while you work on something underneath. You can create shapes and Smart Art, create, edit, and format tables, including resizing rows and columns, or apply a theme. There are far fewer options for transitions and animations, although

The range of functions in Excel Online is very close to Excel 2016

Excel Internet has a good selection of features, including a wide range of functions -. And even pivot tables – but he has a few data model or business intelligence features of Excel 2016, you can open a table with macros VBA or PowerView visualization, but you can not run macros or browse the PowerView itself, although you can still see the rest of the table.

You can hide and show columns, use the Ctrl-G, to go to a particular cell T0 and see the same comfortable formula (sum, average, etc.) directly in the status bar. You can create a chart, but the shape and Smart Art, and you do not get comfortable Charts Best offers where Excel attempts to find the most useful type of chart.

You can't open very large spreadsheets or run macros, but you can use PivotTables

And if you use Office, add-ins, they are working with Office Online applications, as well as in the desktop version of Office; in fact there are a lot of add-ons, which are only for Office Online.

progressing rapidly

Some of the features of Office never come to Office Online – though if you want to analyze the data in your pages, a free service of the power of BI will put it in graphs and tables, and. Shields as effectively as Excel 2016 the biggest drawback at present the maximum size of 5 MB file to a spreadsheet

But Office Online also add new features quickly – six months ago you could not copy the paragraph format, or change the page orientation in Word, online. It’s never going to replace Office for advanced users, but you may be surprised at how Office 2016 you can already use for free, online.

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