This may seem obvious, but if you’re hoping that Mom wants to jump into the virtual reality, and you make it to drag a bunch of ugly ass (and dangerous) wires, it probably will not happen. That’s why Oculus makes projects such as the partnership with Samsung on the mechanism of VR. This makes the virtual reality mobile.

When it was announced last iteration, our own Josh Constine said

The new mechanism VR 22% lighter, making it more comfortable to wear. The trackpad on the headset is now the temple also has a tactile directional pad on it so your finger will know where it is touching.

Oculus founder Palmer Lucky shared his thoughts today on the state of the PC vs. Mobile VR:

This is something that I discussed with the virtual reality industry leaders, and they agree. In addition, this is the reason why things like Google and cardboard gear VR carry the load that the virtual reality into the mainstream. Of course, PC-tethered with cables version is way more powerful. Nevertheless, the experience I had with the VR gear is pretty damn good, so I do not consider myself looking for DevKit Oculus just yet.

Keep in mind, I’m not a great player. That’s when the work on the Sony Playstation VR is so important. It defined a chicken and egg situation.

Comfort is so crucial, especially if we want to get people past the “Oh, that’s cool” five minutes of the demo that they forget about a half hour later. That’s what Varnishes “real users.” People who are going to come back again and again for more.

How Lucky indicates, developers and investors have to be aware of where things are in the industry, before they design and finance products and companies. To solve the problem of the cable? I’ll put a bet on Lucky and Facebook, Oculus.

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