If you’re a Mac owner with a Razer peripheral, and you’re contemplating of upgrading to macOS Sierra next its release yesterday, then be warned – there are evidently compatibility difficulties with the Synapse program and Apple’s newest desktop OS.

This has intended that we have witnessed an outpouring of grievances from people today with Razer mice and keyboards that no more time purpose accurately next the Sierra enhance – for example, test out this thread on the Razer forum, and a limited thread on Reddit.

There have been experiences of Razer keyboards (these types of as the BlackWidow TE Chroma) not doing the job at all, and mice (like the Deathadder and Naga) buttons failing to perform, and/or mouse sensitivity heading all weird – or even worse nevertheless peripherals outright crashing the operating technique.

Fried Synapse

This looks to be down to the Synapse program conflicting with macOS, and the typically suggested answer for now is just to ditch Synapse from your Mac – at least right until Razer updates the program with a fix.

Just one user (Kale) on the official Razer forum suggested: “The moment Synapse has been eliminated you have the potential to plug the Razer peripheral again in to your Mac and use it as normal just without the need of the luxuries of Synapse.”

Certainly, Razer’s support account on Twitter also suggested that “uninstalling Synapse should permit the mouse to perform as plug and play”.

Whilst many others say that even following uninstalling Synapse, they are nevertheless encountering difficulties these types of as the scroll button not doing the job.

Nonetheless other folks, for example on the Reddit thread, have suggested that to get items again to normal not only did they have to uninstall Syanpse, but also: “Manually delete the Razer kext as effectively (/Library/Extensions/RazerHid.kext)”. Observe that we have not tried this, and we are not recommending you do it – it’s just some information that’s out there online, and clearly your mileage with it may change.

There are often heading to be teething difficulties when a new OS is unveiled, but in this scenario folks are pissed off with Razer because this problem has evidently been known about for some time, and items with Synapse are clearly nevertheless badly damaged.

Of system there are other apps that is not going to play nice with macOS in some shape or type, as effectively, and certainly we are doing the job on a new area of our Sierra review which will assess compatibility with present Mac apps in depth. Remain tuned for that, because it will be coming soon.

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