Although the fashion world is desperately trying to catch up with the digital age, retail has changed fundamentally. OK Labs is looking to shake up with a smart mirror to be placed in the fitting clothing stores and boutiques.

The company has just raised $ 4.1 million in seed funding led by Wing venture capital, and piloting software with Ralph Lauren polo in his NYC flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York.

, but that is smart mirror?

Instead of focusing on the virtual try-on that can really come later oak Labs, the current model focuses on the expanded shopping experience that will not leave you calling for an associate (whose name you can not remember) for another size or another encouraging compliment .

First of all, when a customer brings the subject into the fitting room mirror oak Labs determines which item to hand over a piece of RFID tags and immediately displayed on the mirror. The display shows information about the item, along with the ability to request different colors or elements of different sizes.

But it goes beyond this. Each element in the mirror oak Labs comes with its own stylist recommendations, which include other items in the store, with oak Labs hope that you will buy more when you are in control of your own shopping experience.

Customers who find themselves in Oak Labs support fitting can control the lighting in the room to check their equipment ranging from bright daylight to dusk in the situation of the club.

Of course, the robots can not do everything, so the Oak Labs also customize the functionality to request the employee. These employees have their own version of the application on the IPad and can see incoming requests for different sizes, colors, or for yourself, if the client has more detailed questions.

And because the only thing worse than an abandoned shopping cart abandoned fitting, Oak Labs have created a possibility for users to send yourself short of fitting the element number as a text message to your phone.

OK Labs also offers language support for Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Italian.