Cat house owners rejoice! Now you can quantify the comings and goings of your furry close friend — many thanks to an app-managed pet doorway that can mail press notifications when Tibbles enters and leaves your abode.

Other app-enabled features incorporate the capability to remotely lock or unlock the pet doorway, established curfews, and monitor the behaviors of your pet via a visualization of their diurnal and nocturnal routines. Pet doorway controls can also be shared with other individuals via the app so that, for case in point, a cat sitter can control the permissions.

British isles pet tech organization SureFlap announced its plan for the gizmo earlier this 12 months. The pet doorway, which is also ideal for small canine, is now up for sale in the British isles, to begin with via the company’s website — with an RRP of £160, which involves a wi-fi hub to url the doorway to your home Online connection.

SureFlap states it will expand availability to the US and 6 other marketplaces afterwards this 12 months.

Animals both need to be microchipped or else have on a collar with an RFID tag for the door’s features to operate. A different typical edge of a microchipped pet doorway is to avert community animals sneaking into your residence via the cat flap and snaffling your pet’s foods.