sluggish introduces a number of new integrations today outside the company, but perhaps the most interesting is the one with Lyft, allowing you to call a taxi directly from the service.

Lyft can be invoked by typing “/ lyft” in the chat window CHAT platform and interacting with Lyft chat bot to your trip on your way. You can even enter “/ lyft home”, and he will immediately call you a ride. There is no need to leave slack at all. You need to add the service to your application using Slack using the “Add up the slack” button.

This command can be useful for times when the working groups decided to go to the next meeting of the client or the authorized hours of the event, but are stuck on “how we get there?” The question that always seems to arise.

sluggish as the introduction of integration with ponchos, Foursquare, and a few other companies. Enter “/ poncho” and your zip code will generate a chat bot telling you the weather. Enter “/ Square” and giving some parameters, such as “dinner at near X” will bring local food options.

Although it is difficult to say if these chat bot fly, that it becomes clear that we are about to see a real push from the messaging services to enable bots to a significant mode of obtaining products and services. Facebook, for example, in allowing companies to interact with customers through the app Messenger. And his assistant, the virtual M can book your tickets directly in the application.

sluggish, will not cut out orders Lyft, but it seems to be ready to join the funnel demand from business spending accounts. Maybe it’s “on line” thing, as they say, but there are, of course, the business will be built there.