Now you can set your own Raspberry Pi hardware thanks to an agreement signed by the company with long-time partner, element14.

Various options are available for custom services, which will be initially focused on hardware partners with potentially long-term plan to get individual orders shipped.

element14 recognized that you need to be ordered at least 3,000 units and take advantage of its consulting services.

More than seven million Rasperry Pi units have been sold to date in accordance with Eben Upton, CEO Raspberry Pi trade with three million units sold in 2015 alone.

Initially focused on the education sector, the popularity of Pi for industrial applications is growing massively with about a third of orders (1m units) stationed business.

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Setting pi is not so easy, though, as it requires some technical knowledge; Upton noted that customers are likely to have a prototype or design what they want.

Due to the nature of the service user, he was unable to provide an example, as configured board will cost or how long it will take to be delivered.

You can reconfigure the circuit board, add or remove interfaces, headers and sockets, and even change the configuration.

Customers will not be able to tinker with routing DRAM, change the GPU and the appropriate software or power settings. “Everything else,” and Upton puts it, is “to capture.”

He also suggested that the media player is likely to be most likely to benefit from the service in the system-on-chip Broadcom, that powers the Pi particularly adept at handling video.

Raspberry Pi hardware, however, remain the property of a portion of the proceeds from sales in the line are used to maintain software (Open Source).

element14 confirmed that he will unite Popular requests Settings with reference designs, together with the community and potentially mass production, if there is sufficient demand.

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