Get ready for Google’s Monocle. United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a new Google patent for a potential next version of Google Glass. The best way to put it is that it does not look like a couple of points more -. This glorious monocle, which wraps around the head of

Here is an excerpt from the patent:

The band is adjusted so that it can be configured by the user to communicate with the user’s head in the first place near the temple, and the second location along a portion of the user’s ear, adjacent to the church, and a third location along the rear position of the user’s head .

Once you set it up, Glass to save the configuration. The question is whether this is enough to revive interest in this device.

As a reminder, Google stopped selling window in January. Later, the company said that it is necessary “to stop” and “reset” Development of the device.

In March we reported that Google is looking for new areas of opportunity for the glass. In particular, Google may sell glass for corporate clients.

But the company mostly silent since then. It is unclear whether Google is still working on a software and hardware improvements. But it seems that today a new patent proves that Google has not given just yet.

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