Google, finally, adding mobile communications for Android wear, operating software smartwatches and wearable, in a move that could reduce dependence on their phone user.

Android Wear already supports Bluetooth and Wifi Connection, but now wearable be able to connect directly to the mobile grid receive calls, send / receive SMS, receive the results of the search and other Internet-connected tasks without having to interface with the smartphone, or be connected to Wi-Fi . So, as Google said in a statement, you can now “try to leave your phone for” when you head out for a jog, or run errands. – Although we do not support it, if you’re doing more complicated tasks on the move

This update will enter into force with future Android wear smartwatches, starting with the new polite 2nd Edition LTE LG. The LG watch on sale in the US right now, with the help of AT & T and Verizon. It is scheduled to become available to international clients during “the coming months”.