So it turns out $ 800 million NBN Co, holding shopping Optus “HFC network may not have been the most reliable investment.

According to documents leaked Fairfax, NBN Co is currently considering replacing the network completely, because it’s just so, well, creepy.

Such a move would see the cost of the national broadband network to blow $ 375 million, while 600,000 to make the room not to wait until 2019 to get access to it.

The document describes the HFC network as “not fully fit for purpose”, and outlines a number of problems.

99 issues

These are exceeded nodes that require splitting (an expensive process), some of the equipment “comes at the end of life” and need to be replaced, and the termination of the cable modem, that “do not have sufficient capacity to support NBN services.”

The document states that NBN Co is considering two options. The first will build on Optus ‘network with Telstra’ s network of HFC, while the second will replace it completely.

All leaked document can be found here.

It just goes to show that you should always do the necessary research beforehand so that you can find exactly what you “Re getting for your money.

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