destruction with someone is never easy, but you’ll ever make it through Snapchat? Four people already have a claim decay shop, a new service that offers a variety of ways to complete an unwanted relationship.

Setting brothers Evan and Mackenzie Kist take some of the pain of the break-ins, service will deliver personalized messages to your ex-lover for a fee, telling them that it’s over.

$ 29 The collapse of the store will deliver the news through a phone call, while those with less heart, or cash, you can choose a $ 10 text or email . And if you really want, you can send the collapse Snapchat with your partner for $ 5 -. That should at least give them a comforting realization that you really are a total tool

All Netflix, No cold

There’s also $ 80 The collapse of the gift bag, which includes Netflix gift card, a sympathy letter box of cookies, a couple of glasses (just to remind you that you are now alone), and a copy of the call duty Ghosts or laptop. Because nothing says “I’m sorry our love did not work out” better than neutralizing terrorists or a film about two people in love, who eventually together.

What is more surprising than the maintenance of the existing is the number of people who have already used it. Mackenzie Kist told us that more than 60 people have already returned to their decays into service.

“They are, first of all, was the text message, with the second most popular option is a phone call,” he said . He also added that for four snap hacks so far, but that the decay Shop expects that it will be a high quality product growth, once it begins advertising to under-25 market.

Obviously, it is difficult check how many of these break-ins were legitimate, not just friends pulling (and bad jokes) to each other. However, given the price, it seems pretty expensive way to do it.