Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting Because we know that migration from one host to another is not easy for beginners scene . There are so many friends asked me how to migrate from one host server to another new server hosting your WordPress site without any tricky process . Perhaps it is hard for me to explain all the steps in context , so I made a video guide specifically for user-friendly

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting

Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting:

There are so many plugins, by using which you can migrate your WordPress data with ease. But not properly, here we have out standing way by using which you can done you migration process successfully without any obstacle. Migration contains four major steps, which are following as.

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  1. Backup WordPress files and folders
  2. Backup WordPress MySQL (Export all tables queries)
  3. Upload your WordPress files and folder to another hosting account. Also import backup of MySQL to a new created MySQL.
  4. Establish a connection among WordPress files and MySQL through little configuration in wp-config.php file exist on your WordPress root directory.

Watch Part 1:

First part contains the process of, how to backup WordPress files and current MySQL database overview.

Watch Part 2:


The second section includes information about how to manually restore on the new server hosting the old backup files. Also provides information about the transfer of the domain name and set up a little guidance.

I made two videos guide users to emphasize that their personal inspired me to do something like it, so I did. Hopefully the above step by step guide will certainly help you transfer or migrate your comfort WordPress site .

Let us know if you think I’m doing to our valuable users corresponding tutorial. Conversely, if you have any migrate on WordPress , so do not hesitate to let us know through the comments box below or you can join us , or ask your question in our community forum more queries .