Microsoft, finally admitted that for Windows 10 is trying to install itself on some Windows 7 Windows 8 PC without the knowledge of the owners of these cars.

It has been widely reported for some time, so it’s about time Redmond spoke with some clarification on this issue.

According to Forbes, Microsoft explained that the problem was due to an obvious mistake with the automatic upgrade, which was rolled out on Windows 7 and 8 users, starting in August -. Running multiple unauthorized attempts to install in some cases

Indeed, one reader sent Forbes screenshot history to update its system, featuring no less than 31 failed attempts at modernization in Windows 10 Pro – mostly OS tried to update itself every day

Some users were impressed by these failures occur. in the background, and probably completely unnoticed – as long as verified by their update history -., while others have been unluckier actually had Windows 10 the installation of fire when they reboot their machine after a round of updates

All fixed

Thus, it was very dirty error, and frankly, we would be very unhappy (at least), if the latter scenario happened to us. The good news, though, is the fact that Microsoft said the glitch has now been fixed, as evidenced by some users that had previously been suffering from several unsuccessful attempts to upgrade.

Microsoft, of course, wants to push Windows 10 it is difficult to see the numbers on the adoption soar to pay off a sour memory of Windows 8 – but the incident and the fact that the bug still exist for so long, is unlikely to help convince fence upgrade

Redmond. just rolled out Windows 10 in the first big climb, which includes a performance boost – apparently, the OS is now loaded 30% faster than Windows 7 – together with the stability settings, new opportunities for edge browser, and business functions, to make it easier for IT administrators to deploy the operating system between machines organization.

Let us hope that new bugs will not be entered into the extent of this indiscretion update …

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