There’s some bad news for Office 365 users who were using OneDrive unlimited storage, and Microsoft is now to end this sacrifice because of the apparent abuse of a minority.

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that some Office 365, consumer users have gone to the city, given unlimited space, and supported in the “multiple computers” and / or “whole collection of movies and DVR recording.”

In some cases, have exceeded 75TB each user, and Microsoft believes that the abuse of the system. While this is to bring that old chestnut – when the service is not limited, it should not be actually infinite

Yes, there is a fair use to consider, but the company can always count on a minority of users to go to the city?. with the victim, and you would have thought that their servers would be able to cope with the heavy load of a small number of people

Microsoft spokesman said: “Instead of focusing on extreme scenarios backup, we want to stay focused on providing high-value productivity and collaboration experience that benefit most OneDrive users.”

Thus, instead of an unlimited storage for Office 365 Home, personal or academic users, these people will now get a 1TB storage OneDrive.

For those who have piled up several terabytes of data on their OneDrive attention, they will be able to keep their higher storage limit for at least a year.

Miser go

Microsoft also makes other changes in what seems miserable movement – and certainly nothing to do with abuse -. limit of free storage on OneDrive is being reduced from 15 GB to 5 GB

Unfortunately, it happens for existing users as well as those who are new to OneDrive and free limit will be reduced at the beginning of next year. 15GB camera roll bonus and over.

Needless to say, it will not be popular moves, and the fact that blog post refers to the specific content of the accounts (the collection of the entire film, and so on) also raises the question of exactly how much Microsoft pokes around in OneDrive data.

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