It seems that Microsoft is again a function that many needed for its email application -? Namely due inbox that can satisfy all e-mail accounts of the user as a one stop shop.

With the latest version of Mail on Windows 10 Mobile, users can now link together multiple mailboxes, so the message from all of them appear in one central mailbox (like you could with Windows Phone).

This is a great touch on the convenience front, though note that this means that your mailbox only bound by that hub, as opposed to actually merged in any way – to. original messages remain in the mailbox, they came to

Neowin about this development, and notes that you can associate the mailboxes using the option under Account Management

Unfortunately, when it comes. full fat Windows, there is no way to link mailboxes until -., but, hopefully, on the desktop Mail application will see the introduction of a function before too long

Microsoft, likely to receive feedback about bringing this the possibility of

Of course, when it comes to desktop Mail app, there is still much work to be done, as the functionality is missing in so many ways, and you only have to look at the feedback on the Windows Store, to see a lot complaints about various issues, including errors, accidents, poor presentation and irregularities UI

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