Make Money Using Your Writing Skills So , you want to be a writer. And you did not want to be hungry species. You are all my friends told reporters , writers do not make any money . Have you heard that you’ll be underpaid and overworked. Of course, for them, this is the real writer. However , you read stories all the time about who has quit his job to pursue a writing career , and have found success. In this article , we have shortlisted a few sites where you can quickly learn to use your writing skills to make money.

How To Make Money Using Your Writing Skills

Why the dichotomy ? Why are some people so firmly believe that a writer can not make money online , while others know for sure this is possible , not only survive, but also thrive writer’s salary? Perhaps the answer lies in their definition of ” writing .” If you want to be the next J.K. Rowling or Sidifenni Meyer , you will need a lot of talent and a lot of luck . However, in order to make money from writing , just to make money with your writing skills , not so much a skill as it is a science. There are thousands of sites will pay you to write for them . Companies need people to write your own sales copy , and bloggers always need more writers . The list will tell you where to use your writing skills to make money

1. UpWork:

Upwork ( formerly Elance) are freelancers and clients to find other sites . There are huge opportunities for writers . You can get a contract to write a blog , ghost network copy or fiction . If you would like to edit , you can work with authors to improve their manuscripts . Freelance bidding work , which sometimes depress wages . But if you learn how to use the site , you can make a good living from freelance separately. Spend a little time researching the best ways to make money on the UpWork . There are trade absolute skill.

2: Fiverr:

Writers can sign up on Fiverr to offer writing services at $5 a piece. You decide how much you will write for the $5. For instance, you might write-up to 250 words for $5, or you might write one resume for $5. $5 doesn’t seem like much, but after you have enough positive reviews, you can decrease the amount of work you do for the same $5, or you can offer premium services like a 24-hour turnaround, or up to 15 pages of writing for $40.

3: TopTenz:

Top Tenz pay $ 50 for each article of anything they post . Articles submitted payment accepted on the same day , and processed through PayPal . This is a very typical ten sites. Topics include pop culture , history, politics and so on . While this is not difficult to have a selection of articles , their website does have a very strict format specification . To make sure that you read the manual format before submitting your article . Incorrectly formatted items will not be considered.

4: Craigslist:

The new task list , the pop-up on Craigslist every day . There are specifically for writers and editors category. You can register for work , allowing you to work from home , in the office or look for opportunities to write. You can find everything from blog to edit the child’s nursery applications. Compensation will vary according to people posting job. When Craigslist ad response , caution and common sense.

5: Listverse:

List Verse is a website with a collection of truly bizarre, shocking, or unusual lists. The pay is good – $100 per article. But it’s not easy to have an article featured on List Verse. They are highly selective and only buy articles that you can’t find anywhere else online. Examples include, “10 Ghosts and Legends of the Ohio River Valley,” and, “10 people Who Provide Incredibly Unusual Services.”

6. The Daily Heckle:

Daily asked to pay writers to write 1500 word essay . Salary is about $ 10- $ 12 per article of the site it is easy to become a writer . You only need to fill in their basic applications, including writing samples , and waits to hear if you have been accepted. These articles are ironic , humor , usually in the “Top Ten ” category . Moderator post items they want all the time , and writers and how they would deal with this work “Outline ” replied. Who has the best outline of the job .

7: EssayMama:

You can join the team mom essay writers to produce a copy of the school essays, business documents, blog or web page . The company also provides their customers editing and proofreading services. In essence, is often academic and technical .

Make money as a writer does not come naturally . This is not a straightforward process , or whatever you learned in school. However, this does not mean that there will be plenty of opportunities out there . You just need to know where to look. This list is not exhaustive. Of course you can find a lot of other ways to make money using your writing skills . But I hope that something of interest peaked this list. Select a site , and start there . Familiar with the requirements of the guidelines and the site, and then move on to the next . Over time , you will learn which tools are best for you. Before you know it , you can tell all the doubters , you can make money as a writer , you know, way of doing this !