Now, you can control / speed limit (WiFi connection) bandwidth of all types all by yourself like your PC, notebook computers, mobile phones such as Android or iPhone or iPad or your iPod device to the Internet. What you need is just to support bandwidth control function, TP-Link router or a similar kind of router.

I guess the fact that you all are facing, whenever there are too many users on your network, usually through a WiFi connection, you will experience a sharp decline in Internet connection speed, because it is split among users. So, if there is someone else to control the speed of the Internet or WiFi connection speed limit approach, so you may not experience a loss so overwhelming speed Internet access, wireless Internet access, even if the number of users increases. excitement! Life is so exciting.

Let ‘tutorial to get started.

Steps from TP-link wireless speed limit or bandwidth:

  1. Login to your router
    If you have not changed anything in your router then following default value may apply:
    Default ip :
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
  2. Go to–> Bandwidth Control
  3. Go to –> Bandwidth Control–>Control Settings and  tick on ‘Enable Bandwidth Control’ option and set Egress Bandwidth: 100000 Kbps and Ingress Bandwidth :100000 Kbps and click on Save
  4. Go to –> Bandwidth Control–> Rule list
  5.  Click on Add New
  6. Set the ip range that you want to limit bandwidth for.
    In this case, we will set it to but if you want to limit only one device ip then set it to (assuming your device ip is
  7. Now set Egress Bandwidth (uploading speed) and Ingress Bandwidth (downloading speed) in Kbps
  8. Click on Save

Video Tutorial: