Last week we brought you the news that the first Android Wear SmartWatch with access to mobile data – read: no need to be paired with a smartphone – was on its way to the US market, but now we dialed down, enthusiasm after the device has been pulled from the obvious problems.

The clock in question is LG Urbana 2nd edition of LTE, which went on sale in the US through AT & T last week and had to come to Verizon November 20 It’s all change, however, after as LG yanked it from stores due to “hardware issue that affects the functionality of the day-to-day device”, according to the report 9to5Google.

The company made contact media viewing hours – including Android Police – “. Whether the device will be available in the future will be decided at a later time,” with a note, in which, inter alia, noted that

Currently, no carrier, LG gave a new date for when the clock will return to the market. In fact, AT & T is already offering a refund to customers, and Verizon is reportedly not ship watch those who pre-order. It does not look too good.

This is a major obstacle to both LG and Google, the latter has recently added data access its LTE mobile operating system Android Wear. This means that the future will be able to use the smartwatches – that, on paper, so you can leave your phone at home, if you head for a run or drive – but this episode is not exactly a ringing endorsement as the company had hoped for from the beginning.

LG has another SmartWatch, which can operate LTE, but it – first-generation Watches Urban – Company uses its own platform rather than Android wear. With this second edition of the polite, LG returned to the bosom of Android, but it remains to be seen what is the next step will be given SmartWatch headache he now faces.