Learn how to track your visitors and sales with Magento and Google Analytics (analysis)

Google Analytics (analysis) is a free Google service, so that webmasters and site administrators can monitor traffic and conversion rates on its website. Magento supports two types of tracking:

  • Page view tracking – Lists link from your Web store visitors to the origin of your store.
  • E-commerce tracking – lists make purchases, they buy what kind of customers.

First, you need to register in http://www.google.com/analytics/sign_up.html You will receive a Google Analytics (analysis) account. Write it down, because you will need it Magento configuration.

Now, you need to configure Google Analytics to track your Magento store. Open your management area, the navigation system -> Configuration -> Sales -> Google API and expand Google Analytics (analysis) section.

Choose from the drop-down menu is enabled option. Enter Google Analytics account number in the account number field, and then click the Save Configuration button. In this way, Google Analytics (analysis) add the code to your website.