Intel just launched its 8th-era processors for laptops, recognized as Kaby Lake Refresh, but there wasn&apost any mention of desktop CPUs. Nonetheless, thanks to a new leak, it seems that these Computer-sure chips will in fact require a new motherboard as former speculation had indicated.

This information arrives courtesy of leaked box pictures of Main i5 and i7 designs, and as Computer Gamer reviews, on the side of the solution box you can plainly see the pursuing line: “Requires Intel 300 collection chipset-primarily based motherboard”.

There is no real danger that these are picture-shopped photographs, evidently, as other resources throughout the net have pointed out that these are legitimate pics unintentionally spilled by Intel.

And this confirms what motherboard maker ASRock presently mentioned on Twitter at the commencing of the thirty day period – if you want an 8th-era desktop CPU, you’ll have to have a new 300-collection motherboard.

The beefy new processors will not be appropriate with existing 200-collection motherboards because even while they use the exact LGA 1151 socket, they’ll require a a little bit modified ‘version 2’ socket (allegedly with slight discrepancies in the pin configuration).

Mo’ mobos, mo’ difficulties

That implies all those wishing to update will have to have to obtain a total new motherboard for their shiny new CPU, which is clearly an further expense and more of a problem than only dropping in a new chip.

As we’ve said right before, the danger below is that if upgraders are acquiring to go the total hog to switch out all that hardware, they may possibly potentially glimpse at jumping ship to a new AMD motherboard and Ryzen CPU.

These incoming 8th-gen processors are rumored to be the stomping floor where by Intel will finally usher six-core CPUs into its mainstream choices (as opposed to fanatic chips with significant selling price tags).

Picture credit history: Computer Gamer

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