Moggy miracles


Cats and technologies are already fast friends, and anyone who has tried and failed to budge their cat from a warm laptop can attest. But the cat, not only technology of your feline friend claiming that technology happens to be warm. Some devices, especially designed for four-legged friends.

Come with us as we know, the crazy world of technology cat completely without jokes about CAT scanners.

In addition, one.

cat scratches Deck

Cat tech

Nothing Run DMC: Run this dog. Cat scratches Deck is ideal for KWA – kitten with an attitude – and a traditional scratching post to a new level.

creaking post here is a rotating turntable, and the moving arm is just a matter of time before your tabby from scratching Terminator X.

With respect for the £ 19.99, for as long as you can convince your cat to keep the headphones on.


Cat tech

One cons of traveling is that you can not irritate your pets when you get bored. Or at least, you could not come up Kittyo together.

This smart phone under the control activities of the center for cats, which allows your cat to ignore you on the other side of the world, until the built-in laser light does not give him something to try and catch.

Kittyo also doubles as a treat dispenser. After a successful Kickstarter Kittyo is now available for pre-order for the princely sum $249.


Cat tech

Ever I wonder where Mr. Tiddles is on his nocturnal adventures? With Pawtrack, you can learn. This GPS-enabled cat dedicated collar that allows you to track your pussy, where the world is, and it is available in 171 different countries.

In addition to the purchase price (£ 75 in the UK, AUS $ 11.99 in Australia or $ 99.99 in the US) is 33p / 41c per day by the collar to subscribe to the tracking service. Minimum contract 12 months applies.


Cat tech

The 60 £ – 77 £ Eyenimal or provide a fascinating insight into the life of your cat, or a terrifying vision of the razor claws of destruction, depending on the cat.

This is a wearable camera, and it has the added advantage of night vision, so that the resulting footage is not just darkness, sarcasm and shouting mice.

Built-in motion detector turns off the camera when your cat is asleep to save battery life, and while it is unlikely to produce a 4K masterpieces to show, admiring friends is a fun thing to tinker with.

One Fast Cat

Cat tech

God bless Kickstarter. Where else can you dream male hamster wheel for cats raise more than $ 345,000 in funding?

One running fast cat uses a secure design hubless keep keep your cat in excellent condition, and for $ 249 he promises to beat feline obesity, boredom and even depression.

Because there are no spokes there is no danger paw stuck, and testimonials from delighted customers suggest that many cats are a lot of fast Cat.

In addition, it’s fun – though we bet that you buy it and the cat will ignore it forever.


Cat tech

Given that the Internet exists primarily for sharing photos of cats, why not cut out the middle man, and let the cat upload your own photos?

This is the thinking behind Catstacam, which is a genuine product that you can not afford to buy. The device was invented by marketing people and gave Whiskas cat owners celebrities and famous cats, no matter who they were.

Australia Whiskas cat photo gallery on his page on Facebook. Seriously.


Cat tech

Mousr This is another success on Kickstarter, raising $ 116,965 from the owners of cats who seemed to seeing a cat chasing a mouse robot.

PES here is that Mousr reacts to movement cat “as a real production,” although delivery, which was a little more complicated than the founders expected.

These assessment four months to wait until Mousr goes into production. Kickstarter backers will get Mousr $ 100, although regular price has not been announced yet.


Cat tech

Cat Flaps is a great idea, if the cat is no stranger comes to mind for your home. Enter Sureflap, cat flap, which works with all common microchips and RFID collars so that only authorized animals receive in your home.

This authorization is valid only in one direction (or both if you go to a dual scan), so that the animal is in your home can go out again without having to show their documents.

It runs for up to one year on AA batteries, can handle the guest list up to 32 cats, and can also be blocked manually if your cat it was reasonable for bad behavior or your partner irrationally scared of them being eaten foxes at night and asks you to go and lock it when you just went to the bed.


Cat tech

Here’s interesting: CatFi promises a world of information about your cat using nothing more than a smartphone app, Android phone and a spare carton.

Currently, the system of registration of beta testers, and uses face detection to recognize individual animals; I put food in the box and automatically monitor the health and diet of your cat.

If this sounds familiar, it may be because you saw it in his previous incarnation as a bistro on Indiegogo. It is now called CatFi Pro, which is a more stylish alternative to Text box.


Cat tech

Now, It can not be for us to assume that any device that promises to translate meows your cat can not be entirely scientific, but we suspect that if you drop $ 93 on Meowlingual you will not end up developing a better understanding of your Moggy.

However, the manufacturers claim that it can analyze your cat’s face to identify six different moods, interpret 21 different emotions from your cat’s movements and translate 200 words “cat chat”.

Oh, and there’s one small problem, too: you’ll have to learn Japanese, to find out what your cat saying.