set, the latest startup to run from start EXPa studio in New York, seeks to give you the opportunity to share your own product reviews, complete categories, with friends and the larger community.

competition of its kind with platforms such as ProductHunt and Pinterest, and media publishers like Cnet and Wired, to help their audience to make informed purchasing decisions, Keith asks everyday users with a special interest or expertise in a variety of categories to make them yourself “kits”.

These kits may be based on different categories and should include only products that the creator owns and uses.

The product is the brainchild of Naveen Selvadurai, partner and co-founder EXPa Foursquare.

set the platform has been in closed beta for the past six months, and is now ready to open to the public. Selvadurai explains that this is the best way to get community feedback and see how people use it.

  1. Browser – A person

  2. Browser – Health

  3. Browser – page

  4. Browser – Kitchen

  5. Browser – Music

  6. Browser – Travel

Obviously, the ability to bind a group of products with the supplied big difference from most competitors listed above, but Keith also has another trick up its sleeve.

People who post kits for the community are able to give their own Amazon Affiliate ID for products associated with Amazon and get an affiliate fee every time they inspire the purchase.

“Not many platformsl Ike is to give its users the opportunity to make money once the bat,” said Selvadurai. “We realized that we would like to reward people who do the hard work and effort put in to create cool sets, so this step is only the meaning.”

Kit has several ways of organizing content. Selvadurai likens it to the App Store, featuring a combination of trends and collections curated sets of internal revision. In addition, the kit will surface kits that your friends have shared first.

Kit beta users have already created sets in the category of travel, cycling, pilates, pictures, decorations, DJs, and much more.

You can check the set for yourself right here.