Learn more about Joomla 3 positions, and how to use them.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • What is the position of Joomla?
  • The Joomla default template – protostar location.
  • How to publish a module in the selected location?
  • How to change the location of the published module.
  • How do I rearrange published in the same position module?
  • If you change your template, what will happen?
  • How to find a template that you are using the vacancies.

What is the position of Joomla?

Each location has a Joomla template, you can publish different modules therein. Think about the location of the template placeholder, you fill in different types of content – menus, slide, login form, search form, etc. The possibilities are endless. Location of the module, the template definition and design staff that you are using to control them. It depends on you how much you use the template available positions, where they are placed, and how they look.

The Joomla 3 default templates – protostar location

Protostar template has the following 9 pre-defined template here:


When you use the default template protostars and some sample data installed Joomla, you’ll see where 6 is located in the following way your front-end:


In the default sampling data there is no content in the left column (left [position -8]) or the space above the first article (top center [position -3]). If any of the modules they are published, they will be visualized. Debug [debug] are by default not used. This is mainly used by developers to test their code and debug information is displayed at the foot of page.

How to publish a module in the selected location?

To show that you add a module to your site the way, we will add a search module to default Joomla3 template. First, go to Extensions -> Module Manager.


Now, press the green button on the top left side of the new page, add a module.


You will see a list of module types available. Select Add a search module.


Next page, you will be asked to add a module of some information. Select a title for it – searching, for example, with the selected module to be displayed at a position 0. Finally, click on the green Save button.


Now, you can go to your Joomla front page, see the newly published search module in the upper right corner portion of the site.


How to change the location of the published module

To change a module, first login to the location of your Joomla administration page and then go to Extensions -> Module Manager.


In this page, you will see your list of modules. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will move from the default template Latest articles module (position -7) of Joomla on the left (position -8) right column. Find the latest articles module, click on its name. If you can not find your module, use the search filters at the top of the table, if you have a lot of modules, it can be very useful.


On this page, find the Location drop-down menu, click on it. You will see a list of positions available will appear. Select a location -8.


Finally, click the Save button at the top of the green.


Is such that you can now go to your website front end, to see the latest articles module to display on your left column.


How do you rearrange published modules at the same location.

In the example above the Joomla layout, we have published in two modules of our right column – a search module and a “Recent articles” module. In order to search module above the other one, the first thing you need to go to Extensions -> Module Manager.


Now, from the position of the drop-down filter position -7 display module only in the left column, published to your right column.


Next, you need to sort the table by its. To do this, click on the Sort tab, and select from the sorting table: Order.


Then just click on the three dots in the first column of the table, and then drag and strikeout search module, one of the latest articles as described above.


Once you do this, the front-end to your Joomla website, you’ll find the latest articles search module above a move.


If you change your template, what will happen?

As described above, the defined position within the template code within the module. Unfortunately, there is no standard naming position. This means that each template designer can use different names for the position.

For example, rather than the position called [position -8], because it is defined in protostars, you may have a position [leftcolumn. This means that when you are in the positions of all modules swtich template, you need to change, you have published in the protostar [position -8] column position of the New Left.

How to find a template that you are using in the position available?

There is that you can use it to find out what is the location of any Joomla template and they are located in front of the name of a very useful skill. First, go to Extensions -> Template Manager.


On this page, in the top menu, click the Options button.


Here, the switching position preview module is enabled in the upper left part of the page and click on the Save link.


Finally, go to the front of your site and add index.php end of your URL? TP = 1 option. It should be so http://yoursite.com/index.php?tp=1. You will see in the following screenshots than a similar output.