How to add a banner to Joomla 3 sites

Joomla3 default equipped with a part for managing banners. It allows you to add different banners, organize their classification, and different places displayed on your site. The first thing you need to do is create a new banner. To do this, log on to your Joomla administration area and go to Components -> Banners -> Banners.


On this page, click on the New button in the green part of the upper left corner of the page.


Now, you need to fill out some information, you want to add a banner, it’s code. First, select a name for the banner. Name your banner has a unique, meaningful name so that you can easily organize them in the future. Next, select Custom from the Type drop-down menu. This will allow you to paste banner code you get from your advertising website. Finally, paste banner code to custom code field, then press Save and Close button.


Now, you need to publish a new module to display your new embedded banner. To do this go to Extensions -> Module Manager.


Again, according to a new module added to your website green New button.


The Joomla 3 will provide you with the available module types, you can select the list. Just click on the type of banner advertising.


In this page, you need to select the module, and where it will be the title of the position of the display. Please note that the available positions, and their names depend on the template you are using. Different places have different template, you can add a module (in our case – the flag). For the purposes of this tutorial, we will increase our banner in the default template Joomla3 (position -7) right column. Once you have chosen the title and position of the module, in the upper left corner of the page part of the Save button.


Only! Now you can browse to your website front end, to see the newly created banner.