Ever wondered what Jeremy Clarkson has been doing since his rather dramatic departure from the BBC? Here at techradar towers we thought he would be swimming in the vat of cash Amazon offered him for starring in a new car-related show.

But it turns out he’s been watching shows on an Amazon TV Fire TV Stick, while gently mocking the Beeb. Yeah, right.

In a new advert, a contractually obliged Clarkson roams his home on a Segway then sits to watch something on the Fire TV Stick, quickly skipping past the BBC iPlayer app to the Amazon Prime channel.

Some say this advert is an allegory for the state of TV at the moment, and that Clarkson and his cohorts have done the right thing disbanding from the BBC and getting into streaming.

One look at Clarkson’s eyes, though, and they seem to be telling a very different story …

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGEd6ZmwZ7Q