Microsoft, finally put a strong period for the time that producers can sell computers with Windows 7, and the the period October 31, 2016

In other words, as of next November PC with Windows 7 Professional on the board will no longer be available. ZDNet spotted the fact that Microsoft has updated its Fact Sheet Page Windows Lifecycle with this new information.

Although Microsoft ended sales of OEM PCs with Windows 7 Home and Ultimate, in October 2014, the company continued to PC manufacturers pre-install of Windows 7 Professional because of the poor reception of Windows 8 has received.

Redmond felt that he could not force users to Windows 8, but now for Windows 10, and the sense of this operating system is much more positive across the board, while, obviously, came to say goodbye to the pre-installed Windows 7 well .

Windows as a Service

Windows 8.1 will also be prohibited machines OEM of 31 October of the following year, so that from that point, all computers will be equipped with Windows 10 pre-installed (and probably for some in the future, if the promise of Microsoft, about the windows service as a true move forward).

So if you do not want any part of the new desktop operating systems, Microsoft and more good old stick of Windows 7 Professional, better make sure that you order a new computer within the next year.

Many people, however, fortunately makes the transition to Windows 10 – the most recent data StatCounter, the new operating system from Microsoft is currently conducting a 9% market share in desktop operating systems. It overtakes Windows 8 / 8.1, which is 13%, although Windows 10 in the slow growth of even slightly in October in accordance with the counting beans firm.

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