Over the years, a speakerphone system was touted as the safest way to operate a mobile phone while driving. But a team of psychologists found that smartphone personal assistants and in-car information systems rather distracting in their own right.

Researchers from the University of Utah tested Cortana Microsoft, Apple, Siri and Google is now asking 65 people to use them to dial phone numbers, call the contact, change music and send texts. They also examined the selection of voice dialing, voice contact calls and music selection systems in ten cars released in 2015, 257 people tested.

Found that the driver is traveling 25 miles per hour continues to be distracted for up to 27 seconds after disconnecting from the majority of phone systems, voice command and motor. This distance of three US football fields.

Study results

“impaired attention”

“Most people think,” I hang up, and I’m good to go, “said David Strayer, a senior author of two new research. “But this is simply not the case. We can see it takes a surprisingly long time to get back to full attention. Even sending a short text message can cause nearly 30 seconds of attention disorders.”

They also found that the experience of using voice recognition does not exclude distraction, and that older drivers are much more distracted than younger drivers, giving voice commands.

“Just because these systems in a car does not mean it’s a good idea to use them while driving,” Strayer said. “They are very distracting, very error-prone and very unpleasant to use. Too many people are dying because of the distractions on the roadway, and put another source of distraction in the driver’s hands is not a good idea. It is better not to use them when you are driving “.

You can find the complete study, with all the details on the website of the American Automobile Association.

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