hoping to improve on an already successful Windows 10, Microsoft has released the new Windows 10 pre-release version a week before the operating system (OS), the first major upgrade.

Windows 10 Insider preview version corrects several lingering questions 10586 operating systems, including one major bug that Pro 3 is off the surface of the device, instead of them to sleep. In the new assembly, the surface of the Pro 3 owners should be able to hit the power button without a complete shutdown of the hybrid device.

In addition, some users of Windows 10 reports an issue in which the amount in native audio and video Microsoft applications is automatically reduced by 75% after the pop-up notification. After correction, the audio should return to its previous level as soon as the notification is ended.

Other fixes

Microsoft says that the new assembly will be remembered as users choose to log in using the old windows 10 builds. For example, some users use the password or PIN-code, while others prefer Hello face recognition function in Windows 10.

Microsoft also addressed an issue that was causing the border tabs and Web music scraps not appear if users do not scroll the upper part of the web page.

In addition, there is a new constitution for the correction of small form factor devices, like Dell Venue Pro 8, which are experiencing problems downloading. With the new fix, smaller devices installed in the rotation or the virtual mode will not feel blue after updating the OS Windows 10.

Threshold 2

It is possible that build 10586 may be the final pre-release version over Microsoft , the first major Windows 10 update gets pushed him more than 120 million users in the next week.

It is expected that the threshold of 2 will be presented at November 10 in the framework of Microsoft, Patch Tuesday updates.

As with any other software updates, the threshold 2 should improve some of the main issues for Windows 10 users have encountered in more than three months from the date of the original version of the operating system went live. These issues include the main display and start-up problems with the new face of the device, as well as the modernization that cause computers to crash or automatically restart when the operating system is loaded.

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