smiley face help Apple, then his last 9 IOS software to more iPhone and IPad owners. The rate of adoption by the IOS 9 is 66%, which means, the latest mobile operating system from Apple is now found almost two out of every three compatible devices.

This transition from the adoption rate of 61% two weeks ago, and the jump may be partly due to the launch of Apple’s IOS 9.1 software update, which brought more smiles to the keyboard, a feature that can encourage young audiences to update their devices.

IOS fastest adoption rate

Apple announced that in September IOS 9 had the highest rate of adoption of any release of IOS. Unlike Android, Apple, controls when the OS update pushed users without having to go through the media, resulting in more timely updates.

For users, this means that the bugs are fixed quickly, and security bugs get fixed before they become more of a threat. The strategy will also be adopted by Microsoft, which will push the Windows Update 10 Mobile directly to consumers without having to go through the media.

Apple works on firmware 9.2. It has already started planting the second beta of iOS 9.2 to developers.

Version numbers

The second most used version of IOS Ios 8, with Apple, reporting acceptance of 25%. All IOS versions older firmware 8 are used by 9% of devices.

The benefit to developers for rapid, large-scale consumer adoption is that third-party applications may only need to be updated to support the latest major releases of the firmware, rather than multiple editions to scale a few years ago.

IOS 9 debuted on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. In addition, he will also make his debut on the Ipad Pro, when that device becomes available this month.

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