Lists! Everyone loves them, right? I mean, even if you pretend that you do not, I guess you will sneak by clicking on “five” or “top” 10 articles every once in a while. So what about the site, which is built entirely around the lists? It Intralist, in a nutshell.

John Jaxheimer (formerly Creative Director of Sports Illustrated) said that he and his co-founders Stuart Schwartz and Alex Ressi saw a problem where there is “no way for consumers to effectively compare things.” According to them, the lists are an excellent format those comparisons, and, of course, magazines and websites release lists all the time, but the team sees Intralist as a way to let users participate in the conversation.

“Publishers are creating content list for decades, but these days everyone is a creator of content,” said Jaxheimer. “Why limit it to one side of the dialogue with the publisher to the consumer?”

On Intralist, anyone can create a list of five (yes, they are limited to five entries). Users can start a list from scratch, or they can take an existing, and create your own version. How do you build a list, the service will also help you find appropriate images and links.

The results from the different lists around the subject can also be combined into a “final” Intralist. For example, you can see the individual lists of the best hamburgers in New York (including one created Jaxheimer itself), or you can click on the icon “I” red see aggregated results.

Intralist team also hopes to work with the editorial teams and publishers – Made Intralist already used to place a photo lists from New York Fashion Week. Ressi suggested that these lists can help drive traffic, especially if the list contains more than five elements – post Intralist gets a preview of a long list on your own website. And so each account gets a profile page highlighting all the lists are created, users can find a long list after the first has been placed.

“I am very aware of the sensitivity of that content providers have over their content, as well as the amount of time they have invested in the creation of content,” said Jaxheimer. Instead of scraping content publisher, he said that his goal is “to work with them more effectively attract users to their sites.”

Intralist is currently available as a responsible site that works for mobile phone, with plans to launch a mobile application early next year.