Installing a theme in PrestaShop 1.6 While the default PrestaShop 1.6 theme is fantastic, some merchants want to customize their site even more with a different theme. Most themes for PrestaShop cost money but there are a few free ones out there as well. Whether you have a paid theme or a free one, installing it is the same. This quick guide will show you how to find and install a new theme for your PrestaShop store.

How to install a theme in PrestaShop 1.6

Installing a theme for your store involves a few steps

step 1 First, you will need to find and download a theme to your local computer.
step 2 The next step would be to use the PrestaShop back office to install the theme.
step 3 Finally, you will activate the theme within the back office.

Find and download a theme

PrestaShop has many themes to choose from. Most are designed around specific niches, such as Jewelry, Art, or Sports. Others can fit into many categories as they are more generally designed. While there are no specific categories for the more vague ones, they will be found in all categories for which they are relevant.

To find your new theme, visit the PrestaShop theme download page. From here you can select themes by category using the checkboxes on the left hand side. Out of the search results, you can sort them based on name, popularity, or even price. After finding your desired theme, click on the More Details button to open up the download page. Once at the details page, click on the Download button to save it to your local computer. If your selected theme is a paid theme, you will see a Add to Cart button.

Installing the theme via the Back Office

Once the theme has been downloaded to your computer, you are now ready to install it to PrestaShop via the admin dashboard.

Using the left hand side menu, click on the Preferences link and then the Themesoption.

This leads you to the Theme page. Click on the Add New Theme button found at the top right corner.


From the Import Theme page, use click the Add File button in the Import from your Computer section. This allows you to select the file you downloaded earlier from your local computer.

Once you have added the file, click on the Save button in the lower right corner of the section.

Activating themes in PrestaShop 1.6

    After your theme has been installed you will be taken back to the main Themescreen. You will see the themes listed at the top of the screen. This listing gives a summary of several features of all installed themes. These can be used for comparison in deciding which theme to make active. Below this area is a thumbnail of each theme. The active theme will have a selected radio button. To activate a different theme, simply select the radio button next to it’s name.

After selecting the new theme, click the Save button. You can then visit your site and see the new theme in action.



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